Paste Magazine: Jodie Comer & Jacob Collins-Levy Interview

The White Princess is the newest series from Starz that brings a popular book to the small screen with film worthy production. We were able to sit down and speak with the stars of the show, Jodi Comer (Princess Elizabeth) and Jacob Levy-Collins (King Henry VII). The series premieres on April 16, at 8pm EST.

‘The White Princess’: Jodie Comer On Playing Lizzie Of York In Starz Series

Jodie Comer, who plays Lizzie of York, aka “The White Princess” on Starz, tells Access Hollywood about her plans for premiere night – Sunday, April 16. Then, the British actress reveals what part of the first series – “The White Queen” – she saw before filming the new show. And, Jodie discusses Lizzie’s relationship with Margaret Beaufort (Michelle Fairley), mother to the man Lizzie is betrothed to – King Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy). “The White Princess” premieres Sunday, April 16 at 8 PM ET/PT on Starz.

Starz shares first stirring teaser for The White Princess

Starz released on Thursday the first teaser for its upcoming drama series, starring Jodie Comer as the titular royal. Glimpses of Comer as Elizabeth of York, the Queen of England in the late 15th century are shown — including a dramatic removal-of-the-crown shot.

It’s a sequel to BBC’s 2013 series The White Queen, which, like The White Princess, was adapted from a Philippa Gregory historical novel. Gregory’s first three novels of the Cousins’ War series were the basis of The White Queen.

Writer Emma Frost and director Jamie Payne return from The White Queen. Frost will serve as showrunner, and Payne will reportedly direct five of the eight episodes. Gregory will executive produce.

See the teaser above. The White Princess also stars Jacob Collins-Levy, Essie Davis, and Game of Thrones‘ Michelle Fairley.

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‘Thirteen’ Doesn’t Need A Season 2, According To Jodie Comer

BBC America’s latest thriller series has come to a conclusion, though with only five episodes it may feel like it ended all too soon. Though while Thirteen will not have a Season 2, that’s probably for the best because it told a complete story, and that’s not a bad thing. In an interview with Bustle, the series’ star Jodie Comer talked about the show’s importance, working with a largely female crew, and what her hopes are for Ivy if, hypothetically, there was a Season 2.

“It’s weird,” Comer says, “I haven’t really thought about [Season 2] really, because I’ve always believed that the show should just have one [Season].” The show’s creator Marnie Dickens told RadioTimes that she always envisioned it as a complete, one season-long story. If it did continue, “I just want Ivy to be able to be comfortable with herself,” Comer posits, “and just to get back to grips with normalcy and finding her own self. Because it’s such a big change, and I think she really struggles with that. Just to be happy.”

She says that working with a female writer and a female director helped tell Ivy’s story as a formerly abducted women. It created a healthy environment that helped the subject matter. “If you had certain questions,” she says, “you weren’t afraid to bring those up.” Abducted women and their escape stories have become quite popular recently. However, Ivy’s story shouldn’t have reminded you of Room or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt at all, really. For one thing, it’s a mystery.

“It starts from Ivy’s escape,” Comer says, “and it’s left up to the audience’s imagination what she’s gone through. People have to look at Ivy and see the way she’s behaving to make their own judgements about what she’s experienced. [Thirteen] also gives you a view as to what these people, not just what these people go through, but the consequences and the repercussions that it has on their family and friends and home life.” It didn’t focus on Ivy’s time in captivity, which is part of what drew the actress to the role in the first place.

While Thirteen may be over, you won’t be missing the actress for long. She’s starring in another series, The White Princess, on Starz. While Princess Elizabeth is different from Ivy (for one thing, Comer says she’s gone from 15 minutes in the makeup chair on Thirteen to two hours getting into period gowns for The White Princess), she’s still leading the charge on the show. Based on Thirteen, I think fans can be assured that The White Princess is in excellent hands.

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Jodie Comer Lands Lead Role In Starz Sequel ‘The White Princess’

Jodie Comer, best known for her turn as the 22-year-old mistress/homewrecker in BBC’s ratings phenomenon Doctor Foster, has landed the plum title role in The White Princess, the sequel to the acclaimed historical TV drama The White Queen. The series will be a Starz production, which will air it in the U.S. (The White Queen was a BBC/Starz collaboration).

The White Princess is the latest installment of Philippa Gregory’s Cousins’ War novels, chronicling the long-running War of the Roses. That’s the internecine 15th century conflict for control of the throne of England, fought between supporters of rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet and the Houses of Lancaster and York. Not the 1989 divorce dramedy starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

The White Princess continues the story beyond The White Queen, following the beautiful eldest daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville – the White Queen – the young princess Elizabeth. She faces a conflict of loyalties between the red rose and the white. Forced into marriage with Henry VII, she must reconcile her slowly growing love for him with her loyalty to the House of York, and choose between her mother’s rebellion and her husband’s tyranny. Then she has to meet the Pretender, whose claim denies the House of Tudor itself.

Comer most recently starred in Thirteen, the BBC Three/BBC America five-part drama about a young woman working her way back into society after being abducted. Comer played Ivy Moxham, who escaped from a cellar after thirteen years. The series explored how to pick up the threads of a life half-lived and how to survive as a family under great pressure.

Comer also established herself as one to watch with her performances in My Mad Fat Diary and most memorably in BBC One’s hugely successful series, Doctor Foster, where she was revealed to have been having a three-year-affair with the husband of her parents’ friend Doctor Foster, played by Suranne Jones. The series 1 finale drew in almost 10 million viewers in the UK.

Comer is in good company with The White Princess. Her mother, the White Queen, was played to much acclaim by Rebecca Ferguson, who has since established herself as a bona fine leading lady with scene-stealing turns opposite Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation and scoring parts in The Snowman opposite Michael Fassbender and Life opposite Ryan Reynolds.

Comer is repped by Independent Talent Group and ICM Partners.

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