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From the time she took the lead as Villanelle in the hit series Killing Eve, Jodie Comer has become the girl to watch on the screen, red carpet and even on social. Her distinct brand of confidence, authenticity, charisma and her many accents make her the consummate actor. Little wonder she won the Emmy Award as Outstanding Lead Actress for her role as the sociopath assassin everyone secretly cheers on. And that’s no small measure for a remarkable performance.

The 27-year-old has also become somewhat of a beauty and style reference. Among fashion circles, she’s served up some of the most inspired fashion looks while playing the role as Villanelle. Of course, this is not counting a pair of white Crocs that opened the premiere of Season 1. The character we hate to love has, throughout the course of three seasons, inspired us to bring out our best printed trousers and bright jackets. But regardless of her ensemble, it’s Jodie’s luminous, porcelain skin that truly make her a head turner both on and off camera. She begins, “I’m hoping to start the year with an exciting new project, which feels incredibly important at this moment in time.”

Just like the rest of the world, the past year ended with much anticipation for better and brighter things in 2021. Jodie, who’s had to go on hiatus from filming throughout most of 2020 shares that the timeout has allowed her to delve deeper into her love for skincare. “I’m a skincare junkie,” declares the Emmy Award winner. In May 2020, it was announced that she would be the first global brand ambassador for disruptive beauty brand, NOBLE PANACEA. It was a match made in skincare heaven.

“Consistency is always something that I look for in a product,” she shares. Jodie’s done countless interviews revealing her beauty routine. Since her rise to stardom and throughout the years, it’s become apparent that Jodie is a consumer who knows exactly what she wants. She’s had her fair share of skincare woes and banes, which has ultimately encouraged a more discerning mindset when choosing skincare products. “If I’m going to invest in something I want to know that it’s actually delivering the benefits it champions itself on. That’s why I was so impressed with Noble Panacea’s science led OMV™ (Organic Molecular Vessel) technology. It provides a gradual release of cells, meaning your skin digests the product as and when is necessary. Resulting in long lasting effects and all day/night hydration.”

Life as a lead actress means wearing makeup for prolonged hours and living on set. Jodie explains that during her hiatus from filming, she’s been able to let her skin take a break from long hours and layers upon layers of makeup. She expounds, “My skin is prone to breakouts when filming or if I’m stressed out or hormonal. I love to steer towards more natural remedies to alleviate any redness. Rose water is very calming for skin.” Jodie also advices use of tea tree oil diluted in water for specific areas. “My all time favorite product is The Brilliant Overnight Recharge Cream. I feel like this provides so much food for my skin while I sleep. The morning after using this product, my skin always feels firm and nourished.”


Noble Panacea is a disruptive, breakthrough skincare label that simplifies our quest for truly transformational, efficacious beauty products. The brand, which was founded on the research by Nobel Prize winner (in Chemistry) Sir Fraser Stoddart, is distinguished by smart, state-of-the-art use of single use vessels that ensure precision time release delivery and highest absorption of ingredients onto skin. Basically, what this means is that thanks to the company’s proprietary OMV technology, formulations are more effective by up to 10 times compared to others out in the market today.

It’s this straight-forward, science-backed approach to skincare that resonates deeply with Jodie. “I like to keep things simple,” she says. Her beauty routine is a reflection of this ideology. As first rule of thumb, thoroughly cleansing is key. Jodie likes to use a cleansing balm, which works best for makeup removal. She addresses puffiness and inflammation with a cold cyro ball. “Then I start wit Noble Panacea’s Brilliant Collection – first the Radiant Resilience Moisturizer followed by the Vibrant Eye Infusion. There is plenty of this eye product, so I like to take my time applying whilst giving my eye area a massage in a bid to wake myself up. In the winter I like to introduce the Prime Radiance Serum or enjoy wearing [the serum] on its own when working out. This keeps my skin clear for sweating but elevates any dryness I may have.”


Apart from the products fitting perfectly into Jodie’s lifestyle and skin needs, the company’s commitment and its advocacies were key factors that sealed her role as muse and ambassador for Noble Panacea. “Sustainability is also something that has become increasingly important within my life and that shouldn’t stop at beauty. I was so impressed by Noble Panacea’s commitment towards using natural ingredients and packaging the products in travel friendly daily doses. This packaging is recyclable and encourages less waste.”

Noble Panacea formulations are individually packaged in Active Daily Doses which is a clever and practical way to deliver precise dosage of active ingredients. Apart from being travel-friendly, these packets also help prevent bacterial contamination and preserve the potency of the active ingredient. All of these single use packets are fully recyclable. In fact, since day one of product development, the company has been working closely with TerraCycle to ensure that materials and ingredients are consistent in respecting the environment. The company also encourages consumers to make recycling an intrinsic part of their conscious beauty routines.

Jodie adds, “This brand represents authenticity to me. All of their claims are backed by years of research and a wide depth of knowledge. I feel like they are making way for a new age of beauty. They represent and champion that beauty is not just about aesthetics and I think that is an important message to carry.”


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