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Jodie Comer’s career has gone from strength to strength, which she has put down to her role in Killing Eve. 

The 29-year-old actor has appeared in numerous series prior to landing her big break portraying the stylish assassin Oksana Astankova, otherwise known as Villanelle, in the BBC series, which has returned for a fourth and final season.

Speaking to Net-A-Porter, she said: “I’ve worked with such incredible women… to be working on a show like Killing Eve, which is the essence of that, has shaped me in a real way.

“I’ve been lucky that a lot of the women I’ve played have been so fully fleshed out and colourful that now it’s set the bar.”

Recalling the moment she was cast as the leading lady, which first aired in 2018, Jodie said: “I got sent the first episode and I’d seen Phoebe’s [Waller Bridge] name and I’d seen Fleabag, which I adored, and I just thought, ‘Ooh, what is this gonna be?’

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Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are getting ready to say goodbye to Killing Eve, BBC America’s award-winning drama that’s only weeks away from launching its final episodes.

“We just felt like it was the time for the characters to come to their ultimate growth,” Oh told ET’s Matt Cohen over Zoom on Feb. 8. “I mean, it’s a tricky dynamic that was set up four years ago in the first episode — that there is a certain kind of cat and mouse to it and dramaturgically it’s actually really hard to sustain. So we’ve done our best and I think, at this time, we both felt like it’s OK. We’re ready to try our best to resolve this unresolvable relationship so I think that’s really what it was.”

“I would agree to that and it also felt like everyone was on the same page in that sense,” Comer added. “It felt like a natural place to get to something really satisfying in the sense of we all knew it was the end so we all knew what we were trying to work towards. Trying to stay truthful to the characters but ultimately we’ll hopefully get the season satisfying for the fans who watch it. Quite a big task really.”

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They also discuss working with different showrunners each season.

Since the BBC America original series Killing Eve started, the shared obsession that desk-bound security services officer Eve (Sandra Oh) and stylish assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) have had with each other has been on a collision course that seems inevitable. With Villanelle desperate to prove that she’s not the monster that everyone believes her to be and Eve on a revenge mission as she’s chasing down The Twelve, thing are sure to get messy and dark before they reach their final season conclusion.

During this interview with Collider, which you can both watch and read, co-stars Comer and Oh talked about finding a complex and truthful ending rather than a happy one, how the ending evolved as they were shooting, collaborating with a different showrunner each season, why Villanelle’s desire to change isn’t coming from an honest place, that Eve’s revenge mission will take her on a dark path, and how everything that happens in the final season will affect how their characters feel about each other.

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It’s all come down to this (violent) end.

The fourth and final season of Killing Eve, which airs its first episode this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America and AMC+, picks up some time after the emotional exchange between Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) at the end of season 3.

This time around, Eve is on a revenge mission, and Villanelle has found a brand-new community in an attempt to prove she’s not a “monster.” Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), meanwhile, is still obsessed with chasing down The Twelve and the person that ordered the death of her son, Kenny.

Ahead of the new season, which BBC America promises builds towards “a messy, nuanced, and totally glorious series finale,” EW got Oh and Comer to answer our burning questions about the evolution of their characters’ relationship, new faces to keep an eye on, and where it’s all headed.

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer locked eyes across a fish tank. Illuminated in the blue glow of bubbling water and artificial light, the two women slowly registered each other with puzzlement, hostility and abject longing. Across three seasons of “Killing Eve,” the two actresses and the show’s creative team have worked to master the complex bond between their two characters, and there it was, distilled in a single “Romeo + Juliet”-inspired moment.

And then a wayward fish ruined the shot.

“Dude!” Oh exclaimed, still exasperated months later. The fish, which show up in the first episode of the show’s fourth and final season, were exceedingly “difficult,” Comer explained, laughing.

“One just swam right through and literally blocked both eyes,” she said. “I was like, ‘Guys, I can’t work with this fish.’”

Audiences won’t find out if the former MI6 agent Eve (played by Oh) and the globetrotting assassin Villanelle (Comer) are fated to wind up like Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers until the series finale of “Killing Eve” airs this spring. (The first of eight episodes will air Sunday on BBC America and Monday on AMC; the first two start streaming Sunday on AMC+.)

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The fourth and final season of ‘Killing Eve’ premieres February 27 on BBC America.

In a television landscape full of unknown endings and prematurely-canceled series, the knowledge that Killing Eve‘s upcoming fourth season will also serve as its last is a bittersweet consolation — a certainty amidst so shows that either overstay their welcome or get cut off at the knees before getting the opportunity to deliver a satisfying resolution. With that impending conclusion in mind, one question chiefly dominated the waiting time between last season’s cliffhanger and the arrival of more story: What happened to Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) after that seemingly pivotal bridge scene? What would come next after the moment when not only one, but both of them chose to look back — after initially agreeing to turn and walk away from one another? The immediate answer may be less satisfying, but what Season 4 appears to be building towards, at least based on the three episodes provided by review, could either be the culmination of two people who literally can’t seem to quit one another despite their best efforts, or a flame of persistent yearning finally and definitively snuffed out. Like Eve and Villanelle back on that bridge, torn between whether to linger or walk away, the direction Killing Eve‘s final season will take is still a frustrating unknown.

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With the end now drawing near, Killing Eve stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer look back on the surprising success of their BBC America series.

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer look back on the phenomenon sparked by their BBC America series Killing Eve in a new season 4 video. When it first premiered in 2018, Killing Eve took many viewers by surprise with its twisty female-fronted spy tale. The series itself is based on books written by Luke Jennings, though there have been notable differences between the two. Killing Eve centers on the cat-and-mouse relationship between Russian assassin Villanelle (Comer) and MI6 agent Eve Polastri (Oh), something that has only gotten more complicated as the show has continued.

With the upcoming season 4, Killing Eve is set to come to an end. The final season premieres next weekend on BBC America and will find its leading ladies in two very unique places. Killing Eve last left off with an unusually poignant moment for Villanelle and Eve, with the two women saying goodbye and going their separate ways. Season 4 now picks up with Villanelle attempting to reform herself through religion and Eve on a revenge mission. Fans can also rest assured that Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) will be back for this last ride.

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One of TV’s hottest shows began in a tiny, sparsely decorated office in Burbank, Calif. That’s where Killing Eve co-stars-to-be Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer met for the first time.

“I remember it exactly!” Oh says of the their initial pairing in 2017. “The room was completely empty and the size of a small child’s bedroom. [Comer] came in with a wheeled suitcase looking a little lost. I said, ‘Oh, you must be Jodie!’”

Oh had already signed on to the series, and now Comer, a young Brit who had just arrived in L.A. from Barcelona, was gearing up to try out. The two huddled together in front of a nearby laptop, video-conferenced with the London-based producers and read a few key scenes together.

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Killing Eve is gearing up for its final chapter. The stars of BBC America’s outgoing drama came together (virtually, of course) on Thursday to reflect on the transformative time making the show and to tee up the upcoming fourth and final season, which kicks off Feb. 27.

The new season picks up following the dramatic events in the season 3 finale, with Eve (Sandra Oh), Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) in very different places. Following Eve and Villanelle’s exchange on the bridge, Eve finds herself on a revenge mission, while Villanelle has found a new community in an attempt to prove she’s not a “monster.” Having killed Paul, Carolyn goes to extraordinary lengths to continue to chase down The Twelve and the person that ordered Kenny’s hit.

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