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It’s all come down to this (violent) end.

The fourth and final season of Killing Eve, which airs its first episode this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America and AMC+, picks up some time after the emotional exchange between Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) at the end of season 3.

This time around, Eve is on a revenge mission, and Villanelle has found a brand-new community in an attempt to prove she’s not a “monster.” Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), meanwhile, is still obsessed with chasing down The Twelve and the person that ordered the death of her son, Kenny.

Ahead of the new season, which BBC America promises builds towards “a messy, nuanced, and totally glorious series finale,” EW got Oh and Comer to answer our burning questions about the evolution of their characters’ relationship, new faces to keep an eye on, and where it’s all headed.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In the trailer, Carolyn asks Eve what game she’s playing. So let me ask you both the same thing. What games are you guys playing at this season?

JODIE COMER: I almost feel like I’m not playing a game this season.

SANDRA OH: You know, it’s interesting. It’s actually the least amount of gameplay. The game is in some ways the exterior, overarching [hunt for] The Twelve, which continues to be the game. The actual game between us becomes less and less significant, but the connection becomes more real.

COMER: And honest. I think it’s the most honest we see them together.

In season 3, we’re told that Kenny fell to his death, but it definitely felt like that was not the whole truth. Will we get more answers on his death this season?

OH: It’s the driving force of Carolyn’s storyline this season. It takes her all around the world in her quest, let’s just say, to solve or find Kenny’s killer — but it turns into something much deeper about her moral fiber.

What about Eve’s husband Niko, who told Eve to “piss off forever” last season — is it fair to say we’re done with that storyline?

OH: Yes. Time has passed, and Niko’s storyline has been wrapped up in the way of like, we are separated. You also then see, in some ways, a new person in Eve’s life, Yusuf [played by Robert Gilbert].

You mentioned Yusuf. Are there other new faces we should be keeping our eye on?

OH: Oh, Hélène [high-ranking member of The Twelve played by Camille Cottin, who was upped to series regular for season 4].

COMER: Oh, yeah. Always gotta keep an eye on her.

OH: Yeah. Hélène, she is a dangerous lady.

COMER: For sure. There is a new assassin who is extremely dangerous in a very different way. There’s actually a few people, and I feel like within this world, no one can be trusted, really.

One of the most amusing parts of this show in the past has been the creative ways that Villanelle kills. Will we see a return to form for her in that regard? Any creative deaths you can tease?

COMER: There is. Obviously can’t say [who], but there is definitely a moment in this season, where I was like, “Oh, she’s back.” I was kind of craving that artistry that she used to really thrive for. She used to be so meticulous and thought-out. And then, you know, Villanelle kind of unraveled, but there are definitely moments to be enjoyed within the season, in that sense. She uses her initiative, and this particular one, I was really impressed.

One of the overarching themes of this show is questioning the extent to which people can change who they are. How does that in particular manifest this season for Eve and Villanelle?

COMER: When we open season 4, Villanelle has found a church and she is on this quest to be good. I think [she does it] to prove to other people that she’s capable, and also to herself. I think she finds it hard to believe that there’s this one thing that she cannot do, but is really confronted by it. And that evolves throughout the whole season. I think what’s so different about these characters is where you see Eve, you see she has changed and evolved in a way that is so truthful, and you see the results of that. Whereas Villanelle is operating from a place of her motivation is all wrong. It’s not truthful. So therefore, she can’t really succeed at it, because I feel like Eve has such a clear sense of identity and Villanelle doesn’t, because of the way that she’s lived her life. And I think that’s what she’s really trying to grapple with within this season.

OH: I think the change for Eve is first very physical. You see her, she looks different; she’s trained; she has all these different skills. In that overall question of can you change one’s nature, I do feel that Villanelle has changed Eve’s nature, and that Eve at first did not want to change. But inevitably, because they kept on slamming up against each other, I think Eve really did change. And for Villanelle, I think later on, you might see something subtle that happens, because they are different characters, so it’s not going to be necessarily 50/50 or even.

Now that you’re at the end, do you feel like you’re happy with the way it wraps things up? Do you feel you told the story you wanted to tell?

OH: That’s a tricky question, because it doesn’t really matter, I feel like, what we think. [Laughs] We just really want the audience to enjoy it.

COMER: And be engaged. Yeah, I think everyone’s gonna have their opinion because everyone is so invested in it, and that you can’t argue. I think when I look at the work that we did, when shooting this, I feel incredibly proud of what everybody did, and how everyone came together to do that.

OH: I think that the satisfaction is in the making of it, and then that actually we did create this — we did create this dynamic between these two characters, and we created these two characters that have not been seen before. That, I think, has been supremely satisfying.


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